Monday, May 07, 2007

Erasing keeps the Doctor away!

Now available in Dubai, the new magnetic eraser, a break through in medical science indeed! Looks the Chinese factory mixed up the label of a magnetic health belt with that of a white board eraser!

Think of all the boardrooms and classrooms, where people cleaning white boards will have their "circulatory and internal secretion systems of the human body - Adjusted"!


Hardly, cause it also claims to strengthen immunity! So much for the vitamin tablets and doctors, why didn't one just think of buying a magnetic white board eraser instead for the common cold? Makes you wonder if there is anything this eraser can't do!

Must be available in all pharmacies and grocery shops near you!


m.b said...

oh damn da other day i bought one of dese frm lulu supermarket in karama...dey had a special one get one free :D

secretdubai said...
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A said...

How in the world you find out about stuff like this is amazing. Unbelivevable! Next thing you know, they'll be claiming that the duster can cure AIDS too..

Satwa_Queen said...

Is this a joke or something???
If Not... let me rush to the nearest Grocery in order to buy 1 of these..
Damn... and i tried all those apples to get rid of my doctor!!!

unJane said...

hey - your hunger site isn't clickable!